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Meet your copywriting team.

Our team is a blend of seasoned specialists from the fields of journalism, copywriting and translation, each with finely-tuned expertise in the many spheres of communication. We produce engaging and inspiring content for all platforms. Our team is well-known for their meticulous approach, precision and extensive experience in producing memorable content that will meet your visibility and communications needs.

Whether we’re addressing the general public or specialized audiences, we treat all content with the qualities you can expect from seasoned professionals: curiosity, concern for clarity and precision, nuance and a knowledgeable understanding of the issues.


Web writing, journalism, research, interviews, event coverage, infographics, corporate writing, rewriting, revision, translation, adaptation.

Editorial management

Editor-in-chief, blogs, social media accounts, native content.


Analysis, content strategy, performance, production schedule, researching subjects, SEO optimization.

Our team
Steve Proulx
Founder and President

A journalist for the past twenty years, Steve has edited two magazines (Urbania and Le Trente), published 13 books, cohosted a TV show, and contributed to the most prestigious Québec magazines. For seven years, he wrote the Angle Mort column in the weekly publication Voir. In 2011, he created 37e AVENUE to feed organizations’ platforms with fresh content.

Anne-Hélène Dupont
Content Manager

Anne-Hélène holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Literature. Today she combines writing, journalism and higher education with finesse and brilliance.

Louise Bouchard

Louise has 20 years of experience in journalism and communications. For over 15 years, she worked at Radio-Canada’s radio arm as a journalist, desk editor, producer and assignment editor. She also taught history and journalism at the college and university levels in Québec and Ontario. Louise joined the 37e AVENUE team in fall 2020.

Jessica Dostie

Jessica worked for over 15 years at the Métro newspaper, first as a copy editor, translator and journalist, then as editor of the theme sections and special supplements. As a freelance journalist, she contributed to media such as Coup de Pouce, Elle Québec, Bel Âge and Le Devoir, as well as Suite magazine published by La Presse+.

Marie-Eve Shaffer

Marie-Eve has been a journalist for over 15 years. She worked for 12 years at the Métro newspaper, where she held the positions of desk editor, reporter and news editor. Before joining 37e AVENUE, she contributed to the newspaper Les Affaires and the magazine Protégez-Vous.

Maryse Pépin
IT Director

For over 20 years, Maryse has worked as an IT and programming consultant with major organizations (Gaz Métro, Future Shop, Ville de Montréal). She administers the La Voûte platform, which manages tracking of 37e AVENUE’s content production.

Where does the name “37e Avenue” come from?
In 2011, Steve Proulx launched an agency dedicated to content production. It was born in the basement of his Montréal home on Rue Viau — between 36e and 38e Avenue. That’s all it took for the founder to call the new business 37e AVENUE. Since then, the agency has changed address and scope. But it has kept its name.